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A little about me.

Andrew Wallace Photo

What I have been asked to do by my beloved adopted son Sam is to write about me. Conventionally this would mean I tell you, with all the dates, of my education through to my exhibitions, sales and collections. I don't think such lists are interesting especially now as it is most unlikely that I shall exhibit any work again and I've not done it that often in the past anyway.

What I have done is managed to cling onto art through thick and thin because I love art with a passion and sit for hours drawing and painting as I try to approach it.

If anyone likes the works they see on this site, arranged by Richard 'Adobe', they can get in touch and tell me; even buy something. Now that, I admit, would be lovely.

So no autobiographic list; instead my written reflections thoughts and memories of a life spent trying to discover exactly what art is. We have made changes to the site as a result of the things Sam said some of which touched me deeply...

"You. I think on the whole over the 24 or so years I've known you, are one of the most fun, thoughtful, imaginative, loving, considerate, warm and caring people I've ever met. I, like most people I know who know you, would agree. It's why we're all so deeply fond of you. You're quite remarkable and completely brilliant, a bit eccentric, lovely and odd at times.

If I didn't know you and I just arrived at your home page and had your portrait and "art is difficult" to go on, I might think you a little more dour than I know you to be. I don't mind the self effacing statement, that's definitely you, but the combination of that, the title and stern face gives a colder overall impression of someone who is, and whose work is, warm, joyful and enigmatic.

I know you've got your serious, grumpy side too, but if it were up to me, and I wanted people to engage with you, look at your work, possibly buy some, come back, tell their friends etc. etc. then I'd want to project the part of you I know to be so, engaging, charismatic and loved.

It's just a thought and of course entirely up to you how you want to present yourself; on this point, I know I am entirely biased!"

Gosh Sam, thank you.

Here are my contact details in case anyone else wants to get in touch.

Write me a letter by clicking here! or call +44 (0)7855 035785 for a chat.