Literary works of a dyslectic

Dabbling with texts was a pleasure denied before computers gave dyslectics the opportunity to write legibly.
I have made a few books over the years and it is easy to see the change computers allow.

Near and Far book


Far and Near … Alas the Tropic

Soon after I'd left Art School I used to try and think of works that circled the whole Earth. One notion was to journey with a radio set to a fixed wave band and record what it picked up as I travelled. Another I can't completely recall was to do with clocks, well time really. I would land at an airport and ask a stranger the time; photographs of these events would be a record used for the work along with the time and location. Another involved City Squares; I would lay out a fold up wooden square yard and photograph it then sweep the area and take another photograph … I think I was going to keep the sweepings but like the other works memory it's all a bit vague.

Years later I spotted a whole page advertisement for Westminster Banks around the globe and used them to initiate a work; I drifted into the doldrums around that time and gave the incomplete work to my niece Hannah then completely forgot about it. Close on forty years later my niece had my old work made into a book (Near and Far) for my eightieth birthday present. Her gift (what a thoughtful delight) reminded me of another unfinished work that spelt out 'Alas the Tropic of Capricorn' onto cut out 'map rectangles'.

One could easily claim from all those years ago that I was concerned with global warming or mankind's destructive instinct but I doubt it. What then was in my mind I wonder? I certainly remember the doldrums and that hanging onto working days kept me going by the thinnest of threads. As with the 'burning of my old prints', I feel a twitch of some sort or another very different from one brought about by an old photograph. So here they are with cracked Letraset on a wee line from an old map.

Madrid Paris Brussels Frankfurt
Moscow Piraus Bahrain Hong Kong
San Francisco Chicago New York Nassau

Alas - Map wording

Six of Six - A volume by Andrew Wallace

Six of Six

A set of 7 Digital letters
comprising 1 introduction and 6 books


Letters in envelopes are different from electronic messaging; these ones are both fact and fiction and best read in order. Some are addressed to people from history as some from my past. Either way, by publishing these letters they have now become reality.


Download each volume below

i: Introduction

1: Letters to Girlfriends

2: Letters to Teachers

3: Letters to Dead People

4: Letters from Henry

5: Letters to objects

6: Letters to David and Jane


My sincere thanks to Richard Sercombe who is a wonder of the computer age and controls "the Adobe' rather than, as with myself it seems, the other way round. This work which I have loved making in memory of my two friends would not be here without him. There are other people to thank, some in the work that I have spoken to; others who are also in there, will never know they have been included but I'd still like to thank them.




Ruthie Cover

Digital Publication
Vertical Scroll

Andrew Wallace 2017

A Million Laughs

Two volume set
500 pages per volume

One copy only - Printed Letterpress
circa 1973

A Million Laughs book cover

Thing itself

193mm wide x 255mm
256 pages

One copy only -
Combination of letterpress,collage and hand drawn text
circa 1975

The Thing Itself book cover


197mm wide x 260mm
384 pages

One copy only -
Combination of letterpress,collage and hand drawn text
circa 1975

Octavo book cover

An acre of Grass

Incomplete book idea
Unfinished circa 1973

London to New York

Incomplete book idea
Unfinished circa 1973

Don Giovanni - A modern Myth

210mm wide x 148mm
64 pages

250 copies Printed Lithography

Don Giavani Book Cover

<Click to view>

Vertical Shakespeare

Shakespears sonnets rearranged vertically to make an unexpected order.

210mm wide x 297mm

Unfinished 1990


297mm wide x 210mm high
64 pages

40 copies - Full colour digital print

Albertine Book Cover - click here to view book

View contents

Six of Six

Set of 7 boxed scrolls with reading platform
work in progress

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