The works of a closet artist

There are three categories of my painting.

Example of current work  


In the 1960s, Camberwell School of Art taught a predominantly figurative way of looking. I have returned to figuration, albeit in the pointillism style rather than the Euston Road approach from Camberwell's past.

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Pencil Pointillism Taster image  

Pencil Pointillism.

Drawing, like a key, can easily be lost but when you have one it is the moment of turning that is perfectly still.

My adopted daughter saw these and immediately christened them 'Dotty Drawings'. What they are is the moments I look for as I walk the city streets


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Example of text painting  

Text paintings

Language has limits... so instead of painting a picture and giving it a title I paint the word that evokes a picture.

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Example of moon paintings  

Moon paintings

Named after the moons of Jupiter, these paintings came about because as a child I dreamt that I painted big circles and when I grew up I decided to do it... here they are.

They range from 10 inches square to 65 inches square. (from 254mm to 1651mm)

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Selected Other Works

Sigmund Freud portrait


Set of 4 - 27" x 44"
Wrapped MDF laminated prints





Coastal Waters

17 Framed A4 Giclee prints in a fabricated wooden crate.



Feminist Ambassadors

The Feminist Ambassadors

Animation and 5 framed prints - 1330mm x 320mm

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An entry for the Turner Prize

Notes, concept and final artwork.

View the work in full here.

Final Turner Prize Cow small - click here for large

Echos from
the past



Man walking out of shot near th Tower of London


A large collection of photographs taken of people taken in London during the 1970's. They are unlike anything I had been taught to look at, not following any traditional rules of framing images.

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