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Prints on Fire

I've written about this work in Memories; what a day it was somehow or other bridging many years of my life.

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Print Burning set 2

Window Landscape Painting Window for Landscape painting
Window Landsape Painting in frame Glazed window frame painting

"Sash Window Landscape"

(Working Title - Work in progress)

Painting with a constructed window frame - 49.5" x 38"

Oil on Canvas.

In the Testament of Orphée by Jean Cocteau 'our hero' encounters a glazier once he has passed through the looking glass; he meets him 'backwards' in a way as he leaves Hades. Every time I have watched the movie their encounter has pleased me though there's more to it than that.

The ambition of ghosts painting

Is too be seen painting

The statement " The ambition of ghosts is to be seen" was made by Jane Graves; she laughed uproariously when I replied, "I much prefer a quiet corner where I can sit in the shadows with my gloomy thoughts."


"The ambition of ghosts is to be seen"

2 Rectangles - 43" x 27"

Oil on Canvas.


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Nefertity painting 3 of 9

I have painted nine profiles of Nefertiti after looking for a long time at Giovanni Bellini's portrait of the Doge of Venice in the National Gallery. I have never seen the bust of Nefertiti in Berlin but I did once have half a dozen post cards of her in a drawer.

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Nefertiti small preview of the 9



9 Rectangles of 17" x 21"

Oil on Canvas.


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Hilberts Hotel photo of work

There is a story attached to this almost finished work concerning David Hilbert and Emmy Noether. A mathematicians like himself Emmy wished, through teaching, to make a living and share her gift; alas being a woman and Jewish to boot found employment hard to find. David let her lecture in the polytechnic where he worked under his name; as with his 'infinite hotel' there is always room for one more even when the rooms are all taken.


Hilbert's Hotel

7 Rectangles - 18" x 18"

Oil on Canvas.


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Albertine - Painting





Three paintings begun some time ago when I was reading Marcel Proust's great novel 'A la recherche du temps perdu' and heard a physicist's question, "Where is the past?" I find it quite a comfort to think that time might turn out to be in more than one place.

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3 Rectangles - 72" x 60"

Oil on Canvas.

The 2nd two rectangles (shown below) are close to completion and can be viewed as a triptych with the finished painting as one complete set by clicking here.

2 Duchesses and a Duke

3 Rectangles - 38" x 44"

Oil on Canvas.

When the Duke of Urbino died his Dowager Duchess fell for a younger man but he ignored her.

Left Duchess     Duke Right
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Doge L Loredan

3 Rectangles - 17" x 24"

Oil on Canvas.

This work came about because my appearance has changed all through my life and his hasn't but might have without me or anyone else noticing.

Doge L Loredan

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4 Rectangles in a single frame - 34" x 40"

Oil on Canvas.

I was reminded of 'Post Painterly Abstraction' when I saw a portrait of Savonarola during an art history lecture.


Mark N Vinah

4 Rectangles - 15" x 18"

Oil on Canvas.

Mark N Vinah and his partner were my next-door neighbours in Camberwell from 1972 until they moved in 1980.


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