Pencil Pointillism

Ghosts - Photo for the gallery



"What are the ambitions of Ghosts?

The ambition of ghosts is to be seen."
Jane Graves.

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Two Women Pencil drawing



Two Women

A long while ago I began to find a route into drawing or rather a way back into it. These drawings are a step closer than the ones I managed back then.

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Victorians in Pencil drawings




I like to think of these people as alive and waiting or pausing for a few moments; what's more I find their clothes more suited to the way I like to draw than our current informality of dress.

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Pencil Drawings based on August Sander



August Sander, a tribute

There is a kind of stillness in the photographs' of August Sander that made me jump when I saw them on show at the London Portrait Gallery. Trying to match the beauty of their scale led me to a new kind of adventure.

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Climbers Pencil section



Six climbers and a boxer

There may well be different ascents but only one way down.

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Cafe Culture drawings



Caffeine is addictive

Like so many things it depends who's made it; sometimes the hit is worth it anyway.

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Object figerate pencil / charchol



Trial run of still life

Not sure what'll happen next.

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Story set taster



A walk in Victoria

Victoria and Pimlico is a container for moments and times in my life. These drawings are moments that perhaps belong in 'notes to others' but they often seem to be on the same ball of string.

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Street musician art drawings



Street Musicians 'For Free'

"I slept last night in a good hotel
… et al​"
Joni Michel

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Walking away drawing project



Walking away

King Polixenes wants to leave, King Leontes begs his childhood friend to stay. Perhaps they both walk away.

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August Sander portraits



Kissing and not Kissing

Of all the intimaces kissing is my favorite; Molly Bloom to my mind realising its prelude quality "... he kissed me under the Moorish Wall..." whereas poor Leopold who "... was kissed" sadly kisses no more.

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August Sander portraits



August Sander, a tribute

Umm ... I thought I need to title these...Sculptress and school girl...The Architect...The Composer...Mother and daughter...The clergyman...Unemployed man...Middle-class child...Cleaning woman...Wholesale merchant and wife

"Nothing exists outside the text" Jacques Derrida

So I changed the order... . I hope August Sander wouldn't mind.

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Robert Medley gallery



Robert Medley, a tribute

Robert Medley was the head of department when I first went to Camberwell School of art. Among his many paintings are some of bicycles that are tricky to capture. When I gave up cycling I thought about Robert who I hardly knew.

They are still hard to draw.

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Embankment Gardens index pencil drawing



Embankment Gardens

For a long time I would meet my friend David for coffee and a stroll along Embankment Gardens where we chatted, mostly near Robbie Burns.

After he died and still when in London I walk the gardens remembering fragments from our chats. One time I watched as a scene from an Indian film was being shot; a man took eleven steps across a patch of grass, I have no idea how bodies move like that ... mine doesn't..

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Middle Eastern Art taster



A walk in Whitechapel

This is John Coleman's place, he heads the foundation art course in the old John Cass Domain. Nearby are Gilbert and George but longer ago for me in 1961 were 'Walls of glass'. A lot has changed since then.

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Stories taster image



A walk in The City

I wanted to walk the same 'last' route Ann Bolyn made inside the Tower of London. So I have, on four occasions; each time I try to imagine.

After the Tower I'll stroll up to the Monument remembering fish porters in their Bobbins. Look there's St Mary Wallnoth.

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Pencil Station gallery



Stationary in The City

Memory is a key to something or other; never having had a driving license means lots of useful time spent at bus stops and train stations.

In this recent set of drawings I imagine myself amongst a few others, waiting.

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