Echos from the past

During the 1970s I had a studio in St Catharine's Dock opened up for artists by Bridget Riley and Peter Sedgley. I sensed that something dreadful was about to happen to me and often walked the streets around the dock rather than working in my studio. I took these in one day in a kind of stupor, embarrassed by feelings of remoteness from other people. They are unlike anything I had been taught to look at, not following any traditional rules of framing images.

They were taken while walking around the Tower of London. They are 35 mm slides that are no longer in use; I found them in an old shoebox among a few other collections of photographs I had taken as a student and young teacher.

Richard was the first person to look at them with anything other than a passing glance after they had aged somewhat in their hidden world.

It's grim down south. 2 men walk past an aged onlooker.



Genuine 1970s haircut and not Noel Gallagher


Tower of London Tourist



Policeman by a fence


Aged slide of man



The effect of ageing in an old photograph - slide.


Girl talking on the street



Woman looking at phone before mobile phones were invented.


Coronation Street meets London Living.


London Street scene.

Manic woman plays with handbag in the 70's.

A woman strolls by the Tower of London



Traffic Warden in London with American Car


Builders working on site



Women talking in the street


Man walking out of shot near th Tower of London



Leggy and Peggy - A woman and leg composition.


A Blurred car and window graphics



1970s street pose


Woman in red sweater.


Almost daytime solorisation of a slide with a boy and a woman.

Slide sprocket dutch tilt with a Piet Mondrian feel.

70's man looks a bit like Harry Hill in London



Advertising Girls on the streets - Lyons Maid


Car window view - classic vintage car in London



70's fashion - London street vibe.


Man by some railings. On the street in london in old photo.



Blurry photo of street women.


Kid plays in the street.


Kid playing in the street with dad.

Lots of legs in the 70's

Lots of Legs on the street.



Ladies Legs


More photos of legs.


70's Legs in London.

Women in the street.



Long haired girl with bollard.


1970s tea drinking photo. PG Tips no doubt.



A kid lost in the crowd.


Kids playing in the street cira 1970s



Bored child climbing rails with parents.


A policeman on horseback



Police Horse and coaches 1970




Old photo of a couple walking


Man pointing in the park


  A room with a view.

Kids playing in London Street.


Tourist in London in the 1970's.

Old photo by the Tower of London.

London street scene.



London gents in the street.


London portrait.



A walk past the rails.


A walk past the doors.



London bus.


Wheelchair and crutches on the pavement.



Chinese tourist with camera in London.


Walk in the Park - Old photo in London.



Hillman Humber or Austin car on the road - London Street scene.


The blurred woman.



Ice cream in an old photo in 70's.


Tilted pedestrian photo.



Woman by railings.


Man with glasses,



Chaps in the street - London.


Tower of London view of the wall



The back of somebodys head walking


People walking


People sat  in the street - London.


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